Nuendo 12 Hanging On Exit

Anyone else having the minor annoyance that Nuendo 12 hangs on exit and has to be force closed? I am running a Windows 11 PC. 8700K i7, Asus Prime MB, 64 Gb Ram, Focusrite Clarett USB, etc. I didn’t have this problem with Nuendo 11 and it isn’t a big deal, but it is rather annoying to have to force quit Nuendo everytime. This happens on large sessions, small sessions. I’m not really sure what is going on with this, but hopefully it will get sorted out in the near future.


Try launching Nuendo and then closing it before opening any session. Same hang?

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So not the OP but ya I’ve seen this too and I have yet to be able to figure out a commonality with it. First time I tried Nuendo 12 with a project, it hung. Tried it just opening it and closing it, didn’t load anything, it was fine. Opened up a template and closed it, hung. Opened up the same template and closed it, no issues. Opened up the project, no issues.

It generated a couple of crash dumps that went off to Steinberg so hopefully that helps them. I can’t figure out what the common cause is, as it is the same plugins, even the same sessions (with no changes, it is a completed session) that can have an issue or not. Nuendo 11 never had an issue with it that I saw, though it did usually take 5-10 seconds to close.

Probably not a hardware issue as it is just an RME ADI-2 DAC it is talking to so pretty simple setup (2 channel) with pretty reliable drivers.

All my hang on close issues were due to Xfer Record’s OTT plugin and it was intermittent. Removing that and I haven’t had a hang on exit since. It’s likely plugin related.

I just can’t figure out what plugin it might be, given that I have had the same session hang and not hang. I’m not sure if there’s anything human readable in the dump files for me to try and figure it out.

I’ve had it hang with a test session with no plugins. Sometimes it will also crash on exit, the only reason I know this is because I get the message that Nuendo did not close correctly and asks if I want to go into safe mode.

Hang on exit is pretty much always due to a driver that is not released when Nuendo asks to release.
So, if there are no third party plugins involved, then there’s the driver of your Soundcard, Video (like Blackmagic) or a folder on your computer with incorrect user rights.



I have found it crashes upon load, if I had saved that project earlier with expression maps window open. Add to that is my expression maps location, bein from Babylonwaves is several folders deep.

Just a theory and still testing.
I sometimes wonder about this 256 character limit in Windows for file location.

I’ll test something using only Steinberg plugins to see what happens, but what folders should I check for user rights issues?

Also with regards to driver issues, would it be possible for it to be caused by anything other than the active ASIO device? I do have other devices in my system, but the only one Nuendo is talking to is the RME ADI-2 which I imagine is not the issue (Nuendo 11 never seemed to have issues with it and RME does a pretty good job on their drivers).

For further reference with this issue I can close and open multiple projects and everything is fine, it is just when I try to shut down Nuendo itself, after the project has been closed, that it hangs. I would presume it unloads all plugins when you close a project?

So it appears in my case it may be BFD3 that is causing the hang on exit. I haven’t done a test of every plugin or every situation but I can get it to hang in a project with just Halion Sonic and BFD3, and I’ve gotten it to quit successfully in a project with other things.

It closes out the project, though it does take a bit, but then hangs on exit.

…sigh. I feel like I should replace the thing but I’m not really sure if there are any other drum plugins that quite give me the sound that it does. I really like the kit I built in it.

Nuendo here won’t close out properly. It runs, but when try to close the program it hangs under Windows 10. Task manager shows it running with around 1-2% memory usage and low power usage. The only way to get it to quit running is to use task manager and choose “end task” or it keeps running in the background.

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After more testing, it does seem like BFD3 was the culprit for me. For whatever reason it had big mad with Nuendo 12. In Nuendo 11 it didn’t hang on exit, though it did take it a fair bit (5-10 seconds) to shut down but in 12 it would hang. Also it went nuts and started displaying an error about “web demo API” in a modal popup, which was not immediately apparent which plugin it was coming from and only happened sometimes.

I was using the old version from FXPansion, because I hadn’t heard it had been sold it Inmusic, so I went through and migrated that, uninstalled and cleaned up the old stuff, and installed the new version. It now seems happy and doesn’t seem to hang on exit. I haven’t had a lot of time to test it but it seems like that was the issue.

I’m still thinking of ditching it though as it is one of only 3 plugins I have that are still VST2 only.

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I’ve tested Nuendo 12 on 2 computers. I have the hang on exit issue with both computers. Nuendo 11 did not hang on exit. Same plugins.

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The same problem has made me crash. Every time I hang, I don’t save automatically. I set save every minute. After hanging up, there is no work for more than ten minutes or even an hour ago

I’ve tried Nuendo 12 on a song with no VSTi’s running. After a few hours of being open, N12 still hangs when trying to close the song. Spinning beachball every time. So we can conclude from this that it’s NOT caused by any plugins.

In addition, sometimes I don’t even do anything, I just ran nuendo12 in background, a few moments later, when I switch back, it hanging up.
If it recovers at this time, it will become no sound output.

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Nuendo 12 hangs on exit the majority of times I use it. It hangs on launch more times than I’d like too. But once it’s running, it’s been generally very stable and performs better than N11.
Kind of weird, but at least when it’s working, it’s working great.

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If opened for few minutes and then close, N12 will not hang. After several hours of editing it will intermittently hang on closing. Complex projects, lots of plugins. Don’t have time to isolate which plugins could cause problem, if any, while finishing deadline projects. Sending crash reports, upon re-openning, to Steinberg. Win10x64pro, intel i9-10900K, 64bit RAM, Radeon X5600 XT.


Yeah, I don’t even bother quitting the program anymore. I just force quit. Nuendo 12 is both wonderful and infuriating. It absolutely crashes more than any DAW I’ve used in the past 25 years. BUT, as stated by the previous user, when it IS stable, its magnificent. Also, it restarts quickly, so that keeps me from losing my mind.

I removed as many VST2 plugins as I could. Nuendo 12.0.20 is NOT hanging anymore on my system when closing a song or when closing Nuendo herself. This was one of the possible solutions suggested here in the forum by brilliant users and it seems to be working.

***UPDATE #2:
I spoke too soon. I just tried to close the song that I left on all night and Nuendo immediately hung with the beloved spinning beach ball. Had to force quit. Sigh…