Nuendo 12 Hanging On Exit

No, I don’t use any Kush audio plugins. It will hang on exit even with no plugins on the tracks. It is only a minor annoyance, as everything works fine in the program. There are a few different behaviors that I am seeing with Nuendo 12. Sometimes it hangs on exit, sometimes it crashes on exit, and rarely it will close just fine with no issues. Again, this does not cause any issues on workflow, it’s just something a little annoying that I hope can be fixed with one of the maintenance updates.

Did Nuendo 12.0.30 update fix the issue?

12’s been crashing on exit for me if I can keep it open. Now after the maintenance update it won’t open the same projects. #creativityfirst

Same issue here and it’s annoying! Each time, I have to go to the task manager and do a force quit of the program.

Same thing here, since Nuendo 12… hangs on exit.have to force it via taskmanager to shut down. Did not have issues like this before upgrading to N12…

Are you using Vienna Ensemble or KONTAKT in the sessions that hang on exit?

Hi, No. IZotope and waves …third party…

Lots and lots of posts on here about how their plug ins just don’t work. Try removing it, see if that helps.

Yes, I have noticed, thanks.

Nuendo / Cubase 12.0.40 is probably the first version in many years where projects actually close properly for me and do not hang on exit in general. I also use Izotope and Waves plugins in most mixes.

I mention Kontakt or Vienna Ensemble as I still can get hangs using those while I wait for the machine to unload samples and sometimes that process seems to hang that software, which in turn prevents Nuendo from completing it’s close. In that instance if I force quite Vienna Ensemble Pro Nuendo completes it’s closing procedure.

I wonder is it something else in your system? Hardware or other

I had the same issue until I removed a VST2 plugin that I was using. Since then it’s closed fine for me.

I’m no longer having the issue. I don’t know exactly what caused it to happen, nor do I know what remedied it. But, I’m glad Nuendo closes completely when I Quit.

I’m all up to date with Windows 10, my BIOS, drivers and the Latest Neuedo 12.0.4, and it still hangs on closing. I’m not sure what the problem is. Still trying to figure out what plugin it is.
I do know that DDMF Meta Plugin crashes Neundo 12 instantly on a new session and so it does to Wavelebe 9.5 But NOT Nuendo 11. This is Rock solid. as far that plugin goes.

Win 10 Pro here with latest updates, Nuendo 12.0.40 hanging randomly on exit maybe 3 times of 10 - very odd, I guess that a Windows update may be the culprit since nothing else has changed afaik.
I started seeing this about a month ago.

I haven’t had a crash on exit since I started closing projects first, waiting a while, then close the application. This also seems to have helped projects to not crash at the loading mixer stage. It’s one of those random things that works for me. It may not work for you.

I have the same issue. Windows 10 Pro with the latest version of N12. Seems to be random but crashes about 3 out of 10 times. I have to close in Task Manager and the next time it opens typically results in “No License Found” or some other issue.

I have the same issue, Nuendo hangs 100% of the time even if I close the project first.

I ticked the release driver in the background box… now it does not hang… hopefully it’s the solution for a long term

I’m having this problem usually when I use audio eases Indoor-plugin in 5.1 projects. And if i wait maybe 10-20 minutes Nuendo sometimes will turn off correctly.

For some reason plugin works fine in stereo projects but something happens when I use it in 5.1 tv-shows.

Same in N13. Started with N12, still continuing.

My post to the problem: