Nuendo 12: High CPU Usage on (Intel) Mac


I’ve noticed that even small projects run with much higher CPU usage in Nuendo 12 than they ever did in Nuendo 11. Only a few VI tracks are more than enough to make the fans start to shoot up and sing, which didn’t happened before at all.

Is there any known reason for this? Anyway, I find it a bit daunting and annoying, and simply have no clue why it’s happening.

I’m on an Intel Mac running macOS 12.4 (it also happened with macOS Big Sur too, though.)

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It would be interesting if you had a Boot Camp partition to compare performance to Windows, like same project in N11 and N12 on macOS, and in N11 and N12 on Windows. The only variable would then be Nuendo…

Since it doesn’t happen with Nuendo 11 in either macOS Big Sur or Monterey, it’s definitely an issue with Nuendo 12 for macOS. There’s no logical conundrum.


Which VIs? Are they current versions? Were they recently updated?

Yes, it happens with the latest versions of VIs from a reasonably wide range of providers (from Arturia to VSL.) Besides, the same doesn’t happen in Nuendo 11.