Nuendo 12 - Is Import from CD working?

On a session just now what I was asked to bring something in from CD. On starting Import from CD the CD drive was marked ‘???’
The function was not availble.

On the same windows 10 system SoundForge was able to use the drive and import the file.

Does ‘Import from CD’ work on your windows 10 system?

Yes, works here.


I remember cd’s…

Ok good to know. Seeing as its working in other software (ie CD burner driver is working) I wonder where to start looking. In the drive selector theres ‘???’ and thats it

Yes not often I’m asked to import from a CD anymore, I suspect I’m not alone, so I wondered whether the feature was broken

Same issue here. Any ideas (anyone?). Burner is working, but shows “???” in drive for CD import, as mentioned above. Works on a different PC running Cubase 12 (different burner). I often use it for importing reference files. Thanks.

Never found a solution. The same drive works fine with Nero for burning CDs and Blue Ray with other software.

Didn’t tried any CD import in Nuendo for years, but before that, it wasn’t working for me neither on PC nor Mac since v3 or v4.

All’s well, here.
Done CD imports for radio shows over the last months and had no probs
importing from maybe 80+ CDs, incl. burned ones.
But,… I have 2 disc drives in my PC and only one shows up in the import menue.
Don’t ask why…

Just an idea, but could it be the drive letter? We used to have software that would only show disc drives if they had a “D” as the drive letter. :crazy_face:

Just looked into that Drive letter Theory. In my system my CD Drive is D. Still when importing in Nuendo the drive turns up as ‘???’ in the import dialog.

I’m on Windows 11 BTW

Would have been too easy, huh?! :grinning:

I’m on the laptop right now, which doesn’t have a drive. When I start the audio CD import in Nuendo, nothing shows up under “Drives”. No question marks either.
So Nuendo seems to recognize in principle with you that there is a drive. But the connection fails or something similar. It would be interesting to know when and why Nuendo displays question marks. The conditions for this should be known, right? Then we would have a little clue.

Which manufacturer are we talking about? Driver of the operating system or of the manufacturer? Maybe you can see some similarities.

My Drive is a Pioneer BD-RW BDR-209D


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I don’t remember exactly when mine stopped working, but it was only recently (past few months). I’ve been using the same PC and drive, with no HW changes, only Win 10 updates and Nuendo upgrades, and misc plugins. Do others have Macs and/or are using Cubase and still have the problem? As mentioned, it still works on a completely separate PC running Cubase 12, though that machine is a bit older, and doesn’t get all the new plugins. Big job, but perhaps there’s a conflict with one of the new plugs. Anyone recently upgraded to the latest Izotope suites (RX,Ozone…)?

Do you run any of the izotope suites? RX, Ozone, etc?