Nuendo 12 language menu bug....Anyone else seen this?

Hey Guys-

See the image below here. There is a bug in Nuendo 12 where it randomly switches languages (I can’t tell if it’s randomized characters or an actual language change) that happens in the menus. It happens probably once a day and I usually have to close Nuendo and restart to fix it. It’s a pretty big pain and I’m hoping someone here has a fix for this one. This happens across all fields in the arrange window as well from time to time – ie: the tempo field will suddenly bug out and the numbers change to a totally unreadable number. Very strange.

I’ve seen this now since I installed Nuendo 12 at launch and was hoping a maintenance fix would get rid of it but it hasn’t happened yet.

Would appreciate any insight here and thank you in advance!


Thanks for quick reply. Have you noticed what triggers this to happen? It seems random…It’s very annoying and I’m really hoping the devs can address this ASAP.