Nuendo 12 Mac OSX Sonoma 14.0 Temporary graphics work around?

Once Nuendo runs - and it does not display the program properly, let your screen saver kick in momentarily. (use a “hot” corner). Exit saver mode - move the mouse.
The active window display will update completely.
When opening another window for instance “Mix Console” and there is a problem with the new Window - run screen saver again.
Any other active windows - not displaying do the same.
It’s tedious but at least this works for me, until a fix.


Just installed the latest update to OSX Sonoma.
It’s now version 14.1 (23B74)
The display issue on my system in Nuendo 12 appears to be fixed with the latest update.


Yep. Fixed with 14.1

Thank you for confirming the fix.