Nuendo 12 OMF synchronisation

got a strange problem with
synchronization when importing an OMF file.
Nuendo 12 , WIN 10

when importing OMF into a new project, the files do not match the audio from the imported video.

In this case, the video and OMF were exported from the same Premiere project

The files are not shifted in the same way, but in different ways in different places.

I do a lot of postproduction and this issue occurs a second time for the same customer.
Please help me figure it out

Audio embedded in a videofile is (pretty much) always shifted in time.
The more compressed (smaller- video, the more audio is shifted.

Embedded audio in a videofile can not, never, be used as reference.
Only the 2pop in OMF/AAF is a valid sync point.



Thanx a lot!

But why the video didn’t match the OMF?..

This thread may help.

How do you know the video doesn’t match the OMF?
From your initial post, I understood that the audio from the video doesn’t match the OMF.
You didn’t say anything about the video not matching the OMF.

I have to repeat this endlessly.
The only way to assure sync between video and audio is having a 2pop audio and a white frame @ minus 48 frames before first picture frame.
If those are not present, then it’s a guessing game.


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Thanx a lot one more!

Trying to resolve…

Ps. When open in Audition - everything
is in perfect synch

Ask video editor to send you an audio mixdown of a project so you can compare with video mix and omf.
But as Fredo said, audio from video file should never be a reference

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Did you open the OMF in Audition or just pass the audio over from Premiere? As Fredo said, the audio in a video rough mix is almost never lined up properly, you need head and tail pops. In fact, I usually slide the movie and its audio to match the AAF once I see the AAF is in sync.

Yes, I opened the same omf in Audition and it matched both the video and embedded audio.

I conveyed all the wishes to the client and waiting for the result)

The customer sent OMF with 2pop audio and a white frame @ minus 48 frames before first picture frame.

And everything is in its place!

Thank you very much, I saved the screenshot and will send it to all future customers!))

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We have that in our delivery specs.
I have posted them somewhere on this forum.
Except for non-critical jobs, you should always require BITC and 2pops.
Never start a job without those/

Good luck!