Nuendo 12 on MAC Mini, Moterey, storage overflow, crash


i have a Problem with a NUENDO12 running over a long time as playback device with a extern DAD Dancte device ( Core256).

after a view days/ weeks, diferent Times, the system shows me that NUENDO has a problem ( storage is full…) and have to be closed.
it`s like a memory overflow.

does anyone have the same Problems ?

Are you running Nuendo for days / weeks on end, without ever turning it off?

There are dedicated hardware playback boxes that do that much better than using a DAW as a playback device. Is this in a fixed installation, like a museum, or other space which needs constant playback?

We are using it for an exhibition and the is no discussion about the Nuendo. There are about 200 channels running to more than 100 Dante channels separately some of them are put together on the same Dante output’s and it have to run for about 5 month, maybe with a shutdown every evening ( first we tried without shutdown but we had some other troubles there.)

I highly recommend that you go over here:

Where they have a catalog of many Dante enabled devices, I hope you can find one for your specific needs.

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Our setup allready works in the states, but now we have this unknown problem in Europe. All component’s are working fine on the other setup

Maybe, just a thought, but the video in the States is NTSC, in Europe it is PAL.

Is your video the correct format for Europe?

It’s not a video problem, it’s only the audio and also the Timecode ether comes from Nuendo to controll the video,
Our problem is only the file overflow from Nuendo and that the systems , (now after 3 weeks) don’t find the audio interface that worked perfectly for the last 3 weeks.
Our backup system ( same setup) works fine now.


Thanks for the answer, but the whole System is set up in EU mode and there are no Videos on the audio System.

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