NUendo 12 only recognizing Built in Core Audio

There has never been issue with Nuendo/Cubase recognizing my Antelope Discrete 8 interface.
Now it will only recognize Apple core audio.
Ive been using cubase and Nuendo 20 years now.
iTunes, internet and Garage Band work fine with the Antelope interface.

I’ve rebooted and restarted all devices
No License issues

See attachments

Thank you

Lou Verrone
Neundo 12
Mac mini Monterey
Antelope Discrete 8 interface

Audio devices 2


In the Studio Setup pane, you have to click on the “Audio System” icon, then you can select a different ASIO driver in that pane.

Thanks for quick response noeqplease. MY bad… It stopped working for no reason. I had a brain lapse.
I should had that after 20 years using this DAW. lol
Although I thought that was the first thing I checked.

All good

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It happens. The number of times I’ve had to relearn something in Nuendo that I know how to do, but don’t do often.

Glad you got it sorted out. Cheers.

Can you mark it as solution, please? So others can use it too.