Nuendo 12 - only VST3?

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Will Nuendo 12 support VST3 only?


Just found an article in Steinberg support that states that within 24 months only VST3 will be supported…

January 19, 2022

The discontinuation of VST 2 marks the final step in the transition process to VST 3. Focusing solely on VST 3 will increase the stability of our products and allow us to fully leverage the advantages of the VST 3 platform.

As it stands, Steinberg hosts continue to offer VST 2 compatibility. Users of Mac computers with Apple silicon can continue to use VST 2 plug-ins under Rosetta 2.

Moreover, within the next 24 months, Steinberg’s host applications and plug-ins across macOS and Windows will offer VST 3 compatibility only.

To ensure that you are prepared for these eventualities, we recommend to check if any third-party VST 2 plug-ins are in use and, if so, to contact the corresponding plug-in developers for details on supporting VST 3.

What I’m worried about here is clients coming back looking to recall projects with VST2 plugins inserted - which there will certainly be on most projects to this date

Yes, I hear you. I guess it’s going to be inevitable. I’ve specifically been running VST3 where possible for the last while for just that reason. I wish some of the big plugin manufacturers would catch up with VST3. But, at least that’s starting to happen now.

The announcement posted here applies to Nuendo 12 as well. Only on macOS running on Apple silicon and using Nuendo 12 in native mode, VST 2 support is not available anymore. Using Rosetta or a Windows 10/11, VST 2 is still supported as before.

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Thanks for the info Ed!