Nuendo 12 runs much smoother than 11 for me!

I definitely have improved performance with nuendo 12, I can now run latencies of 64-128 on projects that would be from 256 to 1024.
I also have been running 3 uad 1 cards with all the uad1 plugins. Since there is now viable upgrade path for these now, I got into this deal - total max studio 3.5 for $199.00 plus I used $30.00 of jam points for a total of 169.00 US.
Not bad plugins and they have large gui for us old guys.

could you share your system (hardware and OS) so we can have a good reference? Thx

Nuendo 12
Wavelab 11
Lynx Aurora 16, aes-16
Yamaha xs8 with firewire
Mackie sr24-4 vlz pro mixer
Blue sky media desk? (w/subwoofer)
Yamaha ns 10m
uad-1 all plugs, fabfilter, IK st4 max, miroslav, all the other crap, Arturia 9 (I think it’s 9), Kontact 6 with various modules, Spitfire, other stuff. Hammnond a101 with 147 leslie.
My stuff is old, I’m a keyboardist, composer, songwriter who uses the nek package. I don’t do post but had a great crossgrade price at some point so went from Cubase to Nuendo.

OHH, computer, uhh old? i7-3770k @ 3.50Ghz, asus p8z motherboard, 16 gb ram.
Window 10-64bit, Karma-labs motif

Nice! i have a old LGA2011 socket processor ( i7-3820 ) that is running very well also, it is not too much behind my new machine!