Nuendo 12 Suggestions

Some suggestions for the next iteration of Nuendo.

  1. 64 video tracks
  2. 512 fx tracks
  3. Export to Dorico
  4. Click/Metronome Sound library built into Groove Agent for added option of printing the click/metronome with stems

Some additional fixes in Nuendo & Cubase 12 should be:

  1. Expression Maps should offer the ability to alphabetize them, as well as provide an enhanced controller section for advanced editing.

  2. Drum Maps should be updated. We still cannot delete the notes not used in a map.


Midi Routing

(far beyond, of what is there today)


I agree with @KYRRHOF , improvements to the expression map editor would be very welcome. My wishlist:

  • The easiest target would be to allow searching for a expression map. This already exists on the track settings, but is not in the expression map editor.
  • It might be a good thing if opening the expression map editor directly jumped to the active expression map of the current track if launched from there.
  • More powerful expression map editing could massivly improve productivity:
    • I would love it if we could get some scripting engine like in HALion - maybe with a simple gui overlay for users that are scared of scripting :wink:
    • Some libraries have multiple groups of keyswitches. Their combination gives the actual articulation. Setting this up in the current system requires a lot (Multiply each of the group sizes) of slots with mostly repeated settings…
    • Some (even Steinberg) libraries have keyswitches in which a keypress cycles through some value (on/off might be the most common, but cycling through more values should be nothing more difficult to support). It would be nice if we could represent that in an expression map.
  • Another simple thing would be to let the expression map tab in the inspector use the free vertical space if needed. I can currently see max. nine (and a half) articulation, the English Horn from Iconica (to name a Steinberg lib) has 15 articulations. I know we can scroll inside the list, but it would be way better if it used the empty bottom half of my screen so that i could see all the keyswitches at a glance. → also discussed in Expand/enlarge size of Expression Maps list in inspector

More improvement ideas/feature requests:

  • Allow to rename automation tracks → Rename Automation tracks
  • Annotations in the timeline → Be able to attach sticky notes to the timeline (the linked thread includes a annotation proposal with todo-markings etc.)
  • Annotations on folders. The low hanging fruit
  • Highlight used/unused/new plugins in VST plugin manager collections:
    In the VST-Plugin-Manager, we can create custom plugin collections (nice Feature!). It would be good to have a way to manage the evergrowing pluginlist. A simple idea might be to highlight all plugins that are (are not) in the current collection (red/green?). Plugins that were added to Nuendo after the plugin collection was last modified (= new plugins) could be highlighted in yet another color (blue?).

#4 would be awesome!

Just make it more reliable. Please. Nuendo 11 is not ready fro prime time - going back to 10.

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I second that. Please fix the flaws first, then add the obvious omissions. Create new features only later.


you can already hide the plugins present in a collection

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I may have mentioned this somewhere else, but having the option to offset the “seconds” ruler by a particular amount of bars would be very useful to media composers. (i.e. elapsed time from bar 3).

Adding to what some have said here, to be able to organize the expression map list in a way that follows track order, including folder usage would be nice.

Initial file naming and folder organization could be more elegant, I feel (as one coming from Logic).

Nice to know :+1:

#1 automation capture and punch like protools
#2 multi mono plugins like protools
#3 vst render binaural monitor out
#5 4k video reader
#6 start playback while mouse raid on feader


I’d like to right click on and event and have a “Move To…” which presents a list of track names. Click the destination track and the event moves there ( locked in time of course )

And an improved context aware Smart Tool with some options for which tool is chosen a when the pointer is at different locations on an Event. Over the course of a week the amount of time spent just switching tools is crazy.

RIPPLE EDIT on one or all tracks…

When two video tracks are in a Project have the option to play them side-by side in the video window.

When two video tracks are in a Project have the option to play them side-by side in the video window.

That’s a brilliant idea!!!


How about half playback speed while writing automation. Always thought that was cool in PT as well


+1 yep nice one

Yikes. As someone who is transitioning away from Pro Tools, I look at this list of, “[function] … just like Pro Tools” and wonder why I want to move away - other than cost and company ethics.


Thanks … I regularly use a NLE ( FCPX ) to make two-up versions of picture updates ( I dont live in the world of EDL based re-conforms! ) and use those to help me make sense of picture changes. Takes time though. Nuendo should be able to handle this.

My method makes keeping track of respective audio guide mixes in the video rather painful. I would like it if Nuendo could do something smart when it showed a two-up view and somehow help me decide which of the two accompanying audio tracks was “active” when I went back to the reference.