Nuendo 12 template for feature length for learning purposes?

Hey guys, I have always been in audio post for agency work (tv ads, web ads, short films for brands, etc) and I have been given an opportunity to mix an independent feature length film later in a few months.

I’m trying to do as much research as I can about how people have their projects set up but it’s a bit difficult to find a good example for Nuendo. I’ve seen a few resources/examples for Pro Tools but I haven’t worked in Pro Tools in forever and it’s just hard to tell whats going on.

I was wondering if any one you would be kind enough to share a Nuendo template with me just so I can see how you guys have everything set up. Just a blank template of course, no media is necessary - I’m really just interested in how everything is routed and organized.

It would be most appreciated and extremely helpful.

Not precisely what you are asking for but Yamaha has some Nuage courseware that includes media, instructions, that kind of thing. It is film for mixing, so it is the kind of thing you want to do.

Now it is designed to teach you about the Nuage control surface, but that would be using Nuendo so you could probably follow it without one and still try it.

I’m not sure it would be useful to you, but it is also free, just download the eBook and project files.

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Here…you can try one of our Atmos ready Template.
This can get you started.
Study and Play around with it. Modify and share changes back to the community.
Replace our reverbs with yours. We use Stratus and Symphony 3D and dearVR reverb, you can replace it with native ones too.
If you have questions, don’t hesitate to ask.

RadioTalkies (Documentary & Film) Template.npr (3.5 MB)


What requirements should the template meet? Atmos? 7.1? 5.1?

Here in the forum, project templates have been exchanged more frequently recently. So I am sure that @Rajiv_Mudgal will not be the last to provide you with a template. :+1:

Thank you guys so much!

@MAS sorry just realized I totally ignored your question haha.

I’ll be doing a 5.1. The one Rajiv uploaded is Atmos which is wonderful too though just for learning’s sake and seeing how everything is organized.

Some templates and other stuff on my Discord. They match the accompanying live streams but it’s not necessary to watch the streams.

I will certainly check that out - I knew you had a Discord but just hadn’t looked into it yet. I have watched many of your videos and livestreams on Youtube though! Definitely learned a lot from you so thank you. I also use a couple programs you made that you offer on your website!

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Oh that’s great to hear. The streams are tough going, trying to present some of this stuff “Live” Is tricky. And if there’s any errors or mistakes made, you can’t fix them.

Tbh The Discord is nice but I’m thinking it may not be the best way to distribute the templates Etc. Might move then over to the GumRoad store (as freebies of course).

However, Discord is great for fast chat.

Anyway thanks and wish you all the best with the project.

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No problem. I disinherited you. I felt better afterwards. :stuck_out_tongue: :wink:

@Pablo_Borghi shared his 5.1 template for Orchster HERE. The file is no longer online, but if you ask him nicely, he might share his template with you.


Phil!, my template has had many updates, you can download it from the next link

Template 5.1

I compose music so it’s optimized for that with STEMS and some VST Instruments, I find it really useful for working in 5.1.


Thanks to you all!

My pleasure, I don’t know why it is so difficult to find Nuendo / Cubase templates or sessions.

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For some, a good template is a real thing. A “trade secret” so to speak. :wink:
So my thanks to all those who share their templates. Nuendo really lacks some decent demo templates for Atmos and Surround projects. This would certainly make it easier for some people to get started.