Ooh… PSR Loudness measurement has been added!

Also, surprised to see so many Audeze models in the Headphone match including the in-ears!!! Good stuff. :partying_face:

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During the checkout it says only Big Sur and Monterey are supported. I bit the bullet and tried it anyway with Mojave, but it crashes during launch even if I disable all third party plugins and program settings.

Yes, it’s BigSur and Monterey only.

Seriously, yes.

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Why is Cubase and Nuendo still not playing 4k videos properly? It starts stuttering when it goes full screen. It scales 4k videos by itself. 12 still has this problem.

Frankly, it wasn’t the highest priority as requests for native 4k playback (as a production format) have been rather low. But this can be put on the list.


@TimoWildenhain , is there some conspiracy against your owners, Yamaha, happening inside Steinberg? :upside_down_face:

When Cubase 12 showed up with the MIDI Remote API, there was no included preset for any Yamaha keyboard.

Now in Nuendo 12 , the new Headphones Match plugin has one single entry for some fancy consumer grade Yamaha wireless headphones, and nothing for their excellent line of monitoring headphones.

Downright bizarre to find a preset for my Audio-Technica M50x but nothing for my Yamaha HPH-MT8. :thinking:

Hi. I’m going to update to N12 in a few days, but I’m waiting for a Mac Studio and I prefer to do all in the new computer. But I don’t know if I’m missing something: can you open simutaneously N12 in your two computers with same license?. I know 3 activations are available, but I thought you’ve to give of not permission on every computer doing the login process.

I was looking for this, because it is not really very clear from the Event window, to make the background dark when selecting an event, declick this:

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Seems to be working on catalina as well, some users report. Or there are some limitations and its not stable?
I really dont want to update to Big Sur:)

So far, not a hitch in Catalina, performance-wise. I did have to reassign my markers key commands-- something must have changed there. But so far, that’s the only quasi-issue I’ve encountered thus far, and I’ve been working intensely with dialogue, in a project created in N11 (oh, why not? Because I never learn… but it’s really working fine :wink: ).

Should add that I’m on a 5,1 upgraded CPU that isn’t approved for Catalina. Installed it using the DosDude method (macOS Catalina Patcher). Put it on both my desktop and 17" MacBook Pro in anticipation of this release, and, well, wanting to squeeze another year out of my hardware.

Absolutely no problems (other than annoyingly long boot time on the laptop) running anything.

And there you have it.



NM… my mistake.

Does the new licensing scheme cover the DNxHD playback license that is also on my elicenser?


How does one access the free update? I upgraded to N11 a few weeks back and it said I will be able to upgrade to 12 for free. How does one do that?

This is an excellent, excellent, excellent update!!!


Nevermind I got it.

Hi CServ,

Unfortunately not yet, but we’re working on it.

All the best,

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Absolutey, there’s a hefty conspiracy going on! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
We’re going to expand the choice of Headphones every year now and we’ll certainly add more Yamaha HP as well.

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Can I put in a request for the Steven Slate VSX. :innocent: It has it’s own room simulation plugin, but I find it’s out of the box sound quite linear already and would love to see what headphone match can do to it.

Quite impressed by the list so far, it has all my headphones except for the Slate VSX. Excited to test out the Audeze iSine20 and LCD i3 (cipher)!