Nuendo 12, USB-dongle and activation


Does Nuendo 12.x need a USB-dongle key to activate it?
I have been waiting for a Nuendo version which works without USB-dongle key.

Thanks in advance!

Both work. With USB and with Steinberg activation method with 3 activations.


Not sure what you’re saying. But to be clear, Cubase 12 does not run using the USB dongle.

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I run Nuendo 12 license from USB. But if you do not want to use USB (old method) you can use all so new activation method with out USB. Did you clarify?


You are mistaken. You have the Activation Manager on your machine, and that’s where your N12 license resides. Other Steinberg software still requires the dongle, maybe that’s what causes the confusion.


Nuendo12 elicenser
License is rewriten to dongle.

Not sure you are reading my posts, sorry.

Yes I do :slight_smile:

You are right. I newer used Activation manager, but there is Nuendo 12 activated :smiley:

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The license on the USB dongle is showing that your Version 11 license has been upgraded. In other words, it is for version 11.

Version 12 application licenses are not stored on the USB dongle. They all use SAM. (Steinberg Activation Manager).

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@rauno: As mentioned by @Phil_Pendlebury during an upgrade the previous license of Nuendo 11 in that case is transformed into a state, so that it cannot be upgraded again. But it still can run Nuendo 11 and older versions.
Nuendo 12 (just as Cubase 12) does not use the eLicenser system any more and exclusively rely on the SAM for activation/deactiviation. The actual activation can happen automatically during the license setup if choosen at that stage.

As a side note: that only applies to Nuendo 12 itself, other products/libraries still require the eLicenser and the appropriate licenses in order to run in Nuendo/Cubase (HALion, GA, TG, …).


No, Nuendo 12 exclusively uses the new dongle-less system. The USB eLicenser is neither required nor supported to license Nuendo 12.

Be aware that this only applies to the Nuendo license itself, if you have other propducts or libraries (HALion, GA, …) relying on a license on your USB eLicenser it will still be required to run those for the time beeing.



I was just amazed because the activation happened automatically and the dongle license was rewritten.

All good.