Nuendo 12 Video Stuttering

I upgraded to 12 recently and my video will not playback properly. I even went as far as getting a new video card, but still will not stop stuttering. Any ideas?

The video plays back fine in Windows, just not Nuendo.

What codec are you using? DNxHD is usually very smooth for me.

The client sent MP4. Never had a problem before.

But is the codec the same?

MP4 is a container not a codec, so although you may have had no problems with mp4s in the past, this could be a different ‘kind’ of mp4. Try converting to a different codec and give it a try. Shutter Encoder is great for this

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I had no Idea…I just reduced the file size in Quicktime, and it seems to work fine now.

Thanks Guys!!!


This seems to happen sometimes with Nuendo. I’ve also had the problem several times where the video wouldn’t play properly until I re-encoded it. (Or Nuendo didn’t want to display the tumbnails.) The codec and container were the same each time.

I get a thumbnail error if I import a long video and then immediately after import the AAF. It seems as if Nuendo simply abandons the first task of generating thumbnails and moves on to the next task. However, after reopening the thumbnails are regenerated.

The video was not long in this case (45 minutes). Was the “famous” “missing thumbnails cache” error. There are already some posts about it here in the forum.
I would like to see Steinberg give Nuendo a new video engine soon. Also with the competition (MAGIX) it did not always run well in the past. In the meantime, I believe, they rely on FFmpeg. Since then I have never had any problems.

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