Nuendo 12: Whole Program Freeze When Trying To Make Video Player Full Screen

I’m running Nuendo 12 on a Dell XPS 15 laptop with Windows 10 and two external monitor.
Whenever I try to make the video player window full screen, the whole program would freeze, and I have to kill the process and relaunch Nuendo.

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I’ve had a similar problem.
If I remember correctly, I was using the DP interface to connect an external monitor, then if I had a full-screen video window on the external monitor, nuendo would hang.
Then when I switched to HDMI, the problem disappeared.
But maybe I remembered it wrong, maybe I modified the display settings of the system at that time, and the problem was solved. For example, change the setting between two external monitors (2/3) to “Copy” instead of “Extend”.
Right now I can’t check, so just for reference.
Alternatively, you can use this method first to quickly work:
Drag the video window to a larger size, but not full screen. Then save the workspace. This workspace is called when you want to go full screen.

This problem has existed since Nuendo 11.0.4 and has not been solved. Finally, I bought the ultrastudio recorder 3G acquisition card of blankmagic to solve this problem

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Hey Dean, i´m facing this problem right now, I both new machine, windows 10, 128gb ram, nvidia gt1660, crossgrade from cubase 7.5 to nuendo 12…

Seems, from my trouble shooting, its from using several screens ( I have 4, 3 pc 1 old 4k 100") with diferent resolution, when using the same setup with only 1 pc monitor problem solved, when use 4 monitores, prolben happens again.

You sayed you both the ultrastudio recorder 3G acquisition card of blankmagic, that solved your problem?

Can you tell me more before i buy the same gear to try and solve my nuendo 12 freezee problem when playback video.

Thanks in advanced!

The official message is that the graphics card must support OpenGL 2.0,You can try to upgrade the graphics card driver first.In addition, the official support video output devices are all older models, which are now very cheap

Supported video output devices

Nuendo, Cubase, WaveLab and Nuendo support video output devices of the following Black Magic product lines:

  • DeckLink
  • Intensity
  • UltraStudio
  • Teranex

FireWire video devices are no longer supported.

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Thats my last option, I already tried everything and my problem keep resisting… my graphic interface supports open gl 2.0, its a gamming nvidia 1660 gtx with 4hdmi outputs… I have collegues with the same setup, that made it work whithout buying blackmagic gear.


did you fix it already? im facing the same problem since MARCH, i tryed everything, my final option will be buying blackmagic graaphic card…