Nuendo 12 - Windows 11 - Video Import Fails (even on previous videos that did work!)

Hi there,

My Nuendo 12 has suddenly stopped importing videos - and I am using existing videos from other projects that they were imported into previously - and those don’t work either.

I can import these videos in Reaper, and SoundForge. The only sotware having a problem is Nuendo.

This has been an off and on problem now for over 10 years - before and after the video engine was redone. It’s almost like Nuendo just doesn’t recognize them as video any longer.

I would like to contact support, but I work at night and I can’t even submit a support ticket and have to wait for a reseller to be open to get support.

Feeling very very frustrated that the tools fail, and support has changed and I have a project due in 2 days and am dead in the water unable to work on it except switch to Reaper and continue there. My only option right now is to stop using Nuendo 12 and switch to Reaper

Is anyone else having this issue, has had this issue and knows what is going on?

My worry is that I have a project I am 3 months into and am about to be sent new footage for a post production project also due to be completed in a week and I won’t be able to continue there either.

I have also just tested this exact same issue on another Windows 10 PC with also the latest version of Nuendo and THAT one also is no longer loading these video files and that PC has been off for a week.

I use HandBrake and the same preset for the past 6 months to convert the videos so don’t understand why both PCs both running Nuendo both stopped importing videos.


Please make a small video available for download, so we can test this.
FWIW. Using video each and every day for the last decade, on different machines, never had a problem.


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I’ve been importing video for the past 8 months with Windows 11 and no issues. Can you provide more info about the video files?

Cheers for the offer of help … I am trying to get the project complete and need to find a video that isn’t covered by NDA. I can not share the video captures I currently have as they are all NDA content.