Nuendo 12's changes to Marker and Cycle Marker naming [now fixed]

Hello all,

I’m just writing this as an FYI in case you’re running into this.

For Nuendo 12, they changed the names of two Marker commands I use every day and thought I’d share what they are now called so you can re-set up your key commands if you had any for these:

  1. Insert And name Marker > Add and Edit Position Marker

  2. I use a macro called “Cycle Marker Naming” with two commands -
    Transport - Locators to Selection (fine as-is)
    Insert and name Cycle Marker > Marker - Add and Edit Cycle Marker

These key commands hadn’t changed in years across multiple versions of Nuendo, but they did for V12. I am curious what else has changed that will no longer work in my key commands, but I’ve been holding off on using 12 until I was able to fix this marker issue.