Nuendo 13.0.20 released

That’s it. Topic title says it all.

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Reading the patches says even more. Firstly, that there were many (too many) bugs. One wonders how all this was invisible to the test teams. Secondly, what’s interesting is what hasn’t been fixed in the interface, in connection with the numerous criticisms. It’s true that the emergencies were more technical than aesthetic (and comfort-related), which is understandable. Let’s hope that the rest won’t be overlooked.


I had the same impressions.

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Paid and unpaid testers probably did notice a fair amount of what’s on the list. It’s probably a matter of balancing different interests determining what’s fixed and when. It’s not the first time the list has been ‘long’.

I seem to recall someone from SB saying that they’re ‘on it’ but that it might not be in the initial release. Or maybe it was Fredo who said it, I can’t recall. I’m betting they’ll get to it soon though.

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That’s right, I remember, I think in the N13 release thread. Let’s hope so.

I confirm there is a task force actively working in close connection with Microsoft in order to fix the graphic glitches.