Nuendo 13.0.40 Preview Automation issue

Preview Loop Automation, does not always write after pressing punch. I noticed that when I press write on the channel and then preview and start to use parameters it shows the parameters i’m using but the Write icon is not turning on. So the bug might be that the write automation is not always following the global write automation for the track when its activated like it used to.

Hard to reproduce because it seems to happen at random, after restarting the program seem to fix it.


Do you have a step by step way, you can always reproduce, please?

unfortunately as mentioned its not always reproducible as its doesn’t always happen its odd. But basically I set my locaters, select Preview + Loop, hit Write on the track I want to automate, change say EQ parameters, I see the parameters on PREVIEW as I have reveal write parameter on write being changed. However only write turns red on the track but not on the automation, so once I press punch nothing happens.

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oh and seems to happen on Group channels I believe

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