Nuendo 13, 4th Order Ambisonics

Hi all,

As of v.13 Nuendo seemingly supports 4th Order Ambisonics which is a pleasant addition and not even documented anywhere if I am correct. But, the thing is that although we can create a 4OA bus, the encoder (MultiPanner) sends only 3rd order encoded signal. As you can see in in Supervision only the 16 out of the total 25 channels are active. Am I missing something or in order to have 4OA we have to use a 3rd party encoder (panner). Thank you!

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I can’t even select the MultiPanner in a mono audio track, I’m stuck with the AmbiDecoder…

Just tried the same steps in N12 and I can create a 3rd order output bus and a mono audio track with the MultiPanner: the ambisonic encoding works as expected. But in N13, the same steps for 4th order (or 3rd order for that matter) does not work. Looks like a bug…

Still on N11 (but will upgrade to N13 very) and recommend the Audio Brewers ab Decoder panner plug-ins. Not sure if it will solve the bug, but it is very versatile with a lot of handy features beyond the stock panner.

I think @Kewl refers to the strange design decision that you can’t use an alternative panning device in a track that’s routed to a stereo target.