Nuendo 13 96K support for Dolby Atmos?

Hi all, anybody know if Dolby Atmos projects can now be mixed and exported in 24/96 in Nuendo 13?
I’m still on 12 here but might be a good reason for me to upgrade…
Sorry if this info it out there already, I did look but not seen it; I believe 12 is still stuck at 48k?


Hi Jones,

Sample rates in Nuendo 12 are not locked to 48kHz. You can use up to 384kHz, as long as your hardware interface supports this.

As to Atmos, it only is possible in 24 bit / 48kHz sample rate, as that is it’s specification. You can render in either 48K or 96K sample rates.

Hi, i actually found that article a little confusing that you linked to.

Is it implying that if your session is at 96k that the renderer will SRC in real time? Is that what it means when it says the files will be encoded?

I did not mean tk say Nuendo 12 is locked to 48k, rather the built in nuendo 12 renderer only works at 48k.

Basically I record at 96k and am trying to ascertain whether in Nuendo 13 I can do my atmos mix using surce files that are 96k, rather than having to SRC them before i begin mixing through the renderer.

The renderer converts the 96kHz to 48k. It does not allow for other sample rates than 48k or 96k when you are going to render into Atmos.

So, as long as you work in either 48k or 96k, you can turn your sessions into an Atmos render. Otherwise, you have to convert before instantiating an Atmos renderer in that session. It won’t let you otherwise.

Hi noeqplease, thanks a lot for this reply.

Can you please clarify, is this specifically in Nuendo 13? Or shoudl I be able to set internal renderer in Nuendo 12 to input at 96k? I think at the moment I can only do 48k.

And presumable in Nuendo 13 then, I can set project to sample rate of 96K, but know that the output is at 48?


You should be able to render from a 96k session. consult the manual for more details please. Cheers.

The Nuendo 13 Dolby Atmos Renderer only supports 48K. Since you’re on a Mac you can use the External Dolby Atmos Renderer with Nunendo to be able to mix and export in 96K.