Nuendo 13 and iZotope RX 10 connect DOP

Anyone succeeded in using iZotope’s RX10 connect plug-in in Nuendo 13? In my case it shows up, but clicking “apply” does not send the audio clip to RX 10. A bug? Did I miss something here?

Haven’t tested it yet. But this breaks with such regular basis as your taxes being due. We finally got a fix for RX10 working N12 a month ago, after waiting for a full year. So I wouldn’t be surprised the least to see it broken yet again.

thanks, allklear, for your input! Let’s see what Steinberg reports about this… :wink:

Update: Had a chance to test it, and worked fine in my project. There was about a 5s delay before it loaded, which was odd. Note, that I’m running Rosetta mode, not native. This could make a difference.

I see. I’m on a Intel Xeon E5 under monterey… Might be that makes the difference…

It works fine for me on 13, as it did on 12, taking into consoderation all the quirks and idiosyncrasies of RX and DOP.
Im running windows 11 on an i7-12700.

Running N13 under Rosetta here. It works initially (but always pops up the “allow different sample rates” window even though the entire system is clocked to 48k) but after a few uses RX10 stops sending audio back to Nuendo, I have no idea why. Back to RX9 for the most part.

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I get this all the time as well and then my UAD soundcard switches to 44.1. It’s a pain! No idea what causes this or how to even change sample rate in RX.

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RX Connect now has started showing the same bugs as other plugins in DOP.

Pops in the beginning of clips, muted regions in clips.

This didn’t happen in RX Connect before…

I’m gonna go cry for a while now. See ya.

Yes, I noticed that too. Project is 48kHz, RX says it’s 48kHz, but the Apollo briefly switches and complains about mixed sample rates.

Ok here.


I have the same problem too!
nuendo 13 and rx 10 when i click apply dosent show up!
i use macbook pro m2 max with sonoma osx

RX10 Connect works here but I have same problem with the sample rate.

OSX Ventua 13.6.3, Mac Studio M1 Ultra and Motu A8.