Nuendo 13 coloring issue

For some strange reason the color palette in N13 sometimes doesn’t color my folders or tracks. I can’t find the reason nor solution.
Does anyone have the same issue?

If an audio event is selected it will color the event and not the folder or track, could that be the issue?

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It also happens in N12. It’s a strange behavior that I’ve talked about before. But it’s hard to prove, because it’s intermittent. We don’t understand it, so we wait… That said, I don’t know if it’s settled in N13, which doesn’t interest me at all (for other reasons).

I also get this intermittent behavior. I double check that no event is selected.

Thanks for your reply! No Unfortunatly not…

You have to make sure nothing is select INCLUDING a range. With your “select tool” (not range tool), just drag in some empty space to make sure absolutely nothing is selected and no range is made (or just use the “deselect all” keyboard shortcut). Nothing should be showing in the “info line” up top. Then you can click on your track header and color it after opening the color palette.

But an easier way to color a track is just to shift+click on the current color of the track header and a little palette will pop up, no matter what you have selected. This only works for 1 track at a time though. To do multiple, you need to do the first method and use the color palette.

Thanks for the Tips! I’ll make sure to try this!!

The behavior is intentional. We color clips with different colors within one track. The different colors of the clips give us clues to the source or editing notes.

You’re quite right. I’d never noticed that detail (that nothing should be selected from the clips). However, in the other functions, track headers and track contents are distinct. Who knows? And I didn’t read that in the manual.