Nuendo 13 compatibility with MPEG-H 3D audio?

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Compatibility with MPEG-H 3D audio and Nuendo has been officially annonced like Here:

Some people who may have access to the Nuendo 13 presentation at the Dusseldorf presentation can confirm this is the case with the coming release of Nuendo 13 ?

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I will propably be there on saturday, will check it out.

Exciting. Maybe I’ll soon be able to uninstall some of my external programs (e.g. MPEG-H Authoring Suite). I’m curious to see how MPEG-H has been integrated into Nuendo 13.
And I hope that Atmos has not been left out. Even though I would wish otherwise: MPEG-H will probably remain a niche for a while.


Yes, but don’t Forget Sony Audio 360 service is MPEG-H 3D.

Several tests I have read show MPEG-H is superior to Dolby Atmos.

I Hope we will see MPEG-H inside Nuendo 13 soon.

Well, it’s not exactly the same thing. (It’s like AURO-3D and DTS.)
And I would venture to say that 360 Reality Audio is a niche as well. :blush:

Nevertheless, I would like to see MPEG-H take off. If only because it is not a proprietary standard. Who knows, maybe the integration in Nuendo 13 will help to break the market power of Dolby Atmos?

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Dolby makes intense lobying in each country.

In France, they have been choosen with AC-4 and Dolby Atmos for terrrestrial tv service.

Nearly nobody have a compatible AC-4 TV in all the country. But they have been chosen, nobody understand why.

Let’s see how the battle between Atmos, DTS:X and MPEG-H plays out. Unfortunately, it wouldn’t be the first time that the better standard did NOT prevail.

So yes, I checked out N13 today at Tonmeistertagung. Mpeg-H is indeed coming similar to the Dolby Atmos Authoring tool. I was also at the Fraunhofer booth to check out Mpeg-H further. Pretty exciting stuff, let’s see when and if broadcasters start using/requesting it.


I don’t know much about mpeg-H - what are its advantages over Atmos?

It has better performances, it is not depending of a single company, and I have heard you can use just one PC with Windows to produce MPEG-H content, not need a Mac to run the Atmos producer from Dolby on the same machine than Nuendo.

Binaural production is also much better with MPEG-H according several tests you can find on Google. Atmos is just a more layer put up on old AC-3 plus or AC-4´audio codec.

AC- 4 need to be compatible with old AC-3 so that people with simple AC- 3 équipements can still enjoy new Dolby content.

MPEG-H is completly new, even in the base audio codec. They started from 0 with a completly new system. From A to Z.

It should have been chosen for terrestrial UHD audio content but Dolby have made intense marketing to use Atmos instead in European countries.


Thanks for your comment. Do you have an idea of a release date of Nuendo 13 or they said nothing ?

Presentation of N13 on November 15.

The main advantage is that MPEG-H is not a proprietary standard. All the necessary tools are free. MPEG-H also provides a whole environment that offers many advantages, especially in the area of streaming and TV broadcasting. (For example, when it comes to localisation.) Similar to DTS:X, MPEG-H is extremely flexible when it comes to speaker configurations.
To be fair, some of the things that MPEG-H offers today are theoretically possible with Atmos. (The AC-4 standard, for example, goes a little in this direction. Overall, however, MPEG-H is currently far superior when it comes to delivering many languages/versions at the same time, for example.)

This begs the question of what exactly is included in Nuendo 13? It is conceivable that not all of MPEG-H’s possibilities have been integrated into Nuendo.

This seems to me to be the biggest obstacle for MPEG-H: there are currently hardly any devices that can play this format. (Example: Since 2020, only a few AV receivers have been updated to support MPEG-H.)

This is true. Everything can run on the same computer (Mac or Windows). But this is possible with Atmos as well. (At least for the home version of Atmos. It’s a different story for the cinema version. :smiley:)

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Anybody can ask the last Mpeg-H tools to Fraunhofer with a simple request.

They send you a link to download the bundle for Free.

With Nuendo 13, I Hope to get the perfect connection. Using Nuendo 13 to Create sounds, etc and using Fraunhofer tools if they are missing in Nuendo 13.

When I say that SB gives us what we don’t ask for… here’s an example. With MPEG-H looking like a clu-de-sac, then the Pultec made in SB, then I don’t know what, not to mention the freeway spots that are coming with version 13, the only good thing left is probably the midi novelties, including the interval tool.

I’m quite sure there are other features included. Timo already shared a screenshot of something that either looks like a reverb/ambience match tool or some dialogue matching tool. They’ve also always had more features/tools released with Nuendo.

I am also sure of that. Nuendo is the main high end pro tool of Steinberg, when we see all the new features of Cubase 13, I would be surprised there would be no more new functionnalities included with this release.

Spatial audio is a main trend but there are many other subjectif for new things.

We will have the answer in a few hours with the youtube presentation.

Spatial audio is used in many new areas. I have worked with an hospital in France with a doctor who make research for Tinnitus. They are trying specific new possible therapies including spatial sounds to relieve people and the results are good.

Of course, it is a very little part of spatial sounds possibilities but it shows new possible ways .

Some people also said Mpeg-H may be used in future evolution of DAB+ ( European Broadcast Radio ).