Nuendo 13 CPU overload error

I never had any issues with all previous version of Nuendo including N12. In N13 I get constant CPU overload errors. Same identical projects.

Anyone else?

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Yes I do as well.
The cpu meter can live under 30% and then for no reason, sometimes just idle with instrument track selected but not playing anything, N13.0.20 will peak.
Often hearing pops and clicks and meter shows them only half the time. Cpu meter is very erratic. More so than N12

Digital clocking (DAW is master) is sound and tested so count this out.
Win 11, RME MADI FX card

I’m on a MAC using Lynx Aurora Interface. So it’s happening on both platforms. Out of curiosity, are you using any UAD-2 plugins? Any soft synths like Kontakt or anything like that? I’m experimenting to see if it’s caused by a plug in (so far no luck) or drive load time (i.e. something hasn’t finished loading, even though that makes no sense as it should just not play if that were the case)

I do have a UAD2 Duo card installed, but I didnt have any UAD plugins loaded.

I have my suspicions about the UAD card and how it reacts with latest video cards and motherboard resources even when idle. The fact that modern motherboards are so lacking in resources CPU lanes, IRQ slots etc really sucks.

I notice my Gigabyte Aero D motherboard halves my video card bandwidth to 8x to accommodate a card in the last slot, where UAD resides.

Once I take it out my RME MADI FX is the only other card besides video. It currently lives in the middle slot which is PCH (not ideal) and that also makes another possible flaw. Thing is if I move it to the last slot bifurcation jumps in and halves the slots to 8x. But using a direct to CPU pcie slot for the soundcard will be better I hope.

No doubt that test (removing UAD card) is coming though, because it may be causing problems with VSL Powerhouse.

Edit: Can you tell me if you experience similar - On a good day for me windows and nuendo play nice together on my 12900k and cpu is at its lowest for any project. In a mid to big one CPU fluctuates between 20% at idle and then from 50 to 70% when playing.
Then later in the day it will start run from 55 to 90 and peak more. I’m not adding plugins, just scoring and my instruments are offloaded to other cpus. On a bad day it peaks out almost continuously on playblack and everything needs restarting. It is seemingly random and related to heat

I have tried with and without cpu OC, ram 96GB@stock or lower, processLasso on and off, speedstep and c-states disabled,

Sounds like you’re on a PC. I’m Mac and it’s interesting that the issue occurs on both platforms

A couple of times there was a similar story with firefaсe 800 after very frequent bugs of N13 lately. As I discovered by accident, the ASIO-GAURD Level was spontaneously rearranged in the Studio settings. I solved the problem with the reset button in advanced options in Audio System