Nuendo 13 - Dragging events is choppy while "Video Follows Edit Mode" is on

Hello, I think this is a new issue with 13.0.20 - at least for me.

When ‘Video Follows Edit Mode’ is turned on, the first second or so while dragging an audio event appears choppy/laggy. If you select the event first, and then wait a second before dragging, then its smooth. This only happens if you immediately click and drag an event that isn’t already selected. Seems to only happen when the playhead is STOPPED. If I drag while it’s playing, it’s fine most of the time. So it has something to do with the playhead following the event (because of ‘video follows edit mode’ on).

Turning Video Follows Edit Mode off makes it all smooth again.

I just tested in Nuendo 12 on this same system and this doesn’t happen. Also, I tested on my MacBook (on N13) and it doesn’t happen there either. It’s only on my Windows machine.

Windows 11
Ryzen 7950x
64gb DDR5 RAM
Nvidia 4070ti

Is anyone else experiencing this? It’s not the end of the world, but it is quite annoying and makes the program feel very sluggish

*EDIT - here’s a screen recording:

No one else experiencing this? It happens with midi clips too, or empty audio clips. Any clips!

Just really laggy for a second or two when I select a clip and immediately drag it somewhere else. Wait a couple seconds after selecting before dragging - no lag.

Reinstalled to no avail. N12 doesn’t have the problem!

yes I noticed this too. N12 doesn’t have this.

When doing comparisons between 12 and 13, 12 does seem a bit smoother, but I’d have a hard time being sure of this specific thing, but 12 seems to be more snappy in general.

13 may have suffered a slight regression in terms of GUI snappiness and general GUI performance when compared to 12 which is, of course, disappointing.

I’ve noticed this second of choppyness while dragging an event is really only pronounced when 1) Video Follows Edit Mode is on, and 2) the Audio Performance Meter is enabled in the toolbar. If you turn of the performance meter so you can’t see it, it’s nowhere near as bad.

Here’s a video of it happening:

You can see right after I start dragging each clip, the playhead has a hard time of “catching up” and lags behind for a second or so, before it becomes smooth again.

Also, this happens with ANY event, not just audio. Could be an empty midi event, an empty audio event, etc.

If anyone else comes across this problem, I figured out how to stop it from happening and make everything smooth again.

In the toolbar, turn off “Audio Performance Meter” AND “Input/Output Activity”

Very odd problem and solution, I know. But this simple thing fixed it for me.

EDIT - while this makes the laggyness go away while not playing, as soon as you play some audio and then stop it, the laggyness returns.

I tested this on a 2nd Windows machine (Windows 10) and got the exact same results. This is a bug or poor optimization on Windows