Nuendo 13: Error: ADR: Cursor position not working for all Transport > "Start mode"

Project > Marker: Recording ADR

If “Transport” > “Start Mode” is other than “Start from Project Cursor Position”:
“Play” (Rehearsal and Review) and “Record” is not performed from the location in the ADR list.

Please fix this so we’re able to have “Start Mode” wherever we want AND not disturbing ADR.

In other words:
Let this work as pre version 13 regardless of what is chosen as Transport > Start Mode.

Apple Ventura 13.6 (22G120)

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@DSabath : Could you please look into this? Thanks in advice.

I discovered one important thing:

The problem only occurs when you click in the project with the selection tool:
Then the starting point for ADR Rec, Play etc. will be from the place where the selection tool was clicked.

If you click anywhere in the project window with the arrow tool, everything works as it should.

So I can get around the problem, but it might be good if this is changed so that the ADR functionality works independently of the Transport Start Mode.

Confirmed, thank you! I created a ticket for this.
Obviously the adr panel is relying on the cursor position to be the start for transport. So it’s currently not compatible with the other start modes, unfortunately.

Your second report describes the same issue. By clicking into project with the range selection tool you already create a small selection which is then used as start


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@DSabath :

Same logic should also be for these commands:

Go To Project Start

Forward / Rewind

Nudge Cursor Right / left

Locate Next (Previous) Event