Nuendo 13: Error: "Direct Offline Processing" unstable

Select several Events, choose “Direct Offline Processing”, insert a Plug-in and “Apply”:
50% of the times the first Event is corrupt.
“Undo” and “Apply” again: Works (until next time).
Worked fine in pre 13 versions.

Apple Ventura 13.6 (22G120)

Same here. Even worse when using dxRevive plugin and reopening “DOP” window =insta crash

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Have had a few DOP related crashes myself with N13 - and only with a kirchhoff eq on it. Never ever crashed in N12.

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Wow! :dizzy_face: I’m currently using this tool for one of my projects. However, I didn’t want to continue the project until next week. I’ll have to test it immediately.

What version of the plugin are you using? The release notes for the current version say:

Cubase/Nuendo DOP bugfixes: Addressed and resolved issues related to compatibility with Cubase and Nuendo’s Direct Offline Processing.

I hope that Accentize is aware of the problem.

I’m using latest version of dxrevive pro 1.0.9.
In N12 everything works flawlessy, but in N13…there are problems.


I used dxRevive Pro 1.0.9 yesterday a few times in dop and had no issues - but some other plugins are giving me issues that weren’t in N12.

Who knows

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Are you on Mac or Win?

Windows 11. But yeah I’m getting DOP crashes left and right now that I never had in N12. I think one crash a minute ago may have had dxRevive in dop. I think its just having trouble with DOP in general. On this 30min docu I’m working on, its crashed maybe 8 times since yesterday, all DOP related.

Windows 11 (23h2)
Ryzen 7950x 16-core
64gb ram
Nvidia 4070ti
internal m.2 nvme ssd’s

You would think that Steinberg would put a little more love into DOP. It’s such a great feature and a real selling point. At the very least, if the DOP worked reliably, it would be a selling point.

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I’m experiencing the same issue with DxRevive and other plugins. I encounter a white window displaying an error message. The window duplicates itself three times per second until I press the spacebar. Additionally, most of the time when I apply a plugin during offline processing, the waveform from the event disappears, and I get no sound. I have to turn the plugin on and off to make it work.
Windows 11 (23h2)
Threadripper 3960X 24-Core
128gb ram
Nvidia RTX 3060
Internal m2 nvme ssd’s

Yep, I got the duplicating error message window as well. Had to force quit (“end task”) Nuendo to get it to stop.

Really hope the maintenance update fixes this - this is bad considering how necessary DOP is.


Open DOP and insert dxRevive and do «Apply»: First Event is corrupted. No error message.
Undo «Apply» and «Apply» again: Everything is ok. Undo, «Apply», Undo «Apply» (xx times): Everything is OK.

Close DOP.

Repeat #1: Same happens.

CONCLUSION: The problem appears the first time only after «Apply» is done after opening DOP. No difference if the track is mono or stereo.

OTHER PLUGINS: Some crashes Nuendo, other works fine.

Apple Ventura 13.6 (22G120)

Does anyone from Steinberg read the entries here?

I can confirm the DxRevive issue. Wouldn’t this be something Accentize has to fix, since other plugins don’t have this issue?

With GOYO and Clear, the event seems to be shifting.

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Hi, yes we do. There will be already some fixes in the upcoming maintenance release for DOP. And further i try to reproduce and investigate the issues reported here.
Cheers, Dirk


@DSabath I hate to ask for release dates, but I’m getting slammed with these DOP crashes - could you let us know if the maintenance update is pretty close, or will it be a while until it’s released?

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are all your DOP crashes with dxRevive or are other plugins affected as well? Could you provide me crashlogs?

No not all dxRevive related - I don’t think. I’m pretty sure the first crash I had was without dxRevive even in the project. Some of the errors windows that pop up will call out specific VST3’s like Kirchhoff or RX9 De-Hum, etc, others will just say some file in the system32 folder. I wish I would have taken screenshots -

but yes, I have sent you a PM with a .zip containing .dmp files @DSabath

thank you!

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Thanks, Dirk :+1: