Nuendo 13: Error: "Direct Offline Processing" unstable

I’m getting this behavior with a few plugins too. Acon Digital, mainly, but also some others. This happened in N12 as well!

If this was fixed it would be so great!

Hi I sent you a PM with the crashlogs.

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ReVerence in DOP crashes in Nuendo 13…too…

Hi, can you confirm that the crashes won’t happen if the gui of an affected plugin is not shown when you close the DOP window? Eg. select any other audio event or no selection at all before closing DOP window?

I feel like most of my crashes happen when OPENING DOP for events that already have processing on them. Like I put a plugin(s) on some events, and 30 minutes later went to open the DOP window back up again for those events - thats where the majority of my crashes happened.

I think a few crashes also happened though when initially adding a plugin to DOP.

ok, at least i got it reproduced here as i described, with crashlogs quite similar to yours (most of them were dxRevive, next to kirchoff and rx9 dehum). So my hope was that i got your crashes solved. I’ll continue testing, i also couldn’t reproduce the issue from the initial post yet


Great, thanks so much for looking into it!

Here you can view a screen recording of the issue in the event when applyng dxRevive in DOP, this happens with other plugins too, also at the end of the video another bug related to panning, when I click to create a node the envelopes moves to the right it should stay where it was. Dropbox - Nuendo 13 Bugs.mp4 - Simplify your life


short update, meanwhile we were able to reproduce a problem which is hopefully exactly the one you described. We made a fix which will be included in the upcoming maintenance update (if everything goes as planned).


That’s really great news :+1:
Don’t hesitate if you want me to beta test.

Same, lots of crash with DOP and with different plugins. I had to roll back to N12 cause it slows me down too much …

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100% agree, the DOP presets has to have a re-haul !

Hey @DSabath , thanks for all the work on 13.0.20. Can you let us know if a fix for the crashing from DOP was able to make it in this update? Didn’t see anything specifically about it in the release notes I don’t think.

yes, there’s also the crash fix included in the 13.0.20 update. I hope that it solves your issues. If you still get crashes, please let me know (and ideally send crashdumps)

Awesome, thanks so much @DSabath . I’ll certainly let you know if issues persist.

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I’m happy. DOP is working great now in my system.