Nuendo 13: Exporting ADM loses all data from Additional Outputs of VSTi(3)

Hi there,

When I export the ADM file and import it to a new project, I found the exported ADM file doesn’t contain correct audio and panning automation that are presented in the extra audio outputs of the VST(3) instruments.

However, if I route those outputs to a group, then the group route to Dolby Atmos Renderer, everything is correct.

I think this is a bug and hope it can be fixed.


Where do those outputs go? How do they get to the renderer before you export?

I added those outputs by the adm authoring panel, and they are all working correctly when I play back in Nuendo. The movements can be represented in the Atmos Renderer correctly and sounds correctly just like the 1st main output does.
They have issues just if I export to the adm files!