Nuendo 13 Hangs up (at Unloading MixConsole) when Quitting?

Strange. Nuendo hangs up when quitting and freezes on “Unloading MixConsole” - I have to hard close to shut program down - any ideas how to fix


When I open a new session, do nothing but save and close - it hangs on “Unloading Project”

Hello @BRIAN_G_REYES and welcome to the forum! :vulcan_salute:

I had the problem today when starting Nuendo 13 that it got stuck when connecting the MixConsole. I had to “kill” Nuendo. After that it worked fine.

Could it be a plug-in in your case?

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My first guess would be plugin, I had that problem with Nuendo 12 hanging on exit, but when I made a test project with only stock plugins, it didn’t. After testing it turned out BFD3 was the culprit in my case, I had a very old version of it.

So that would be the first thing I’d try is see if it happens when only using included plugins. I don’t mean like spend the time making a whole mix, just load up some audio, throw some stock plugins on the tracks, and see if it quits normally. If it is fine with stock plugins, then probably it is one of the ones you use. In that case, I’d take a project that has trouble and replace or unload the plugins one by one until you find the culprit.

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You can also start the problematic project in Safe Start Mode after you have disabled the third-party plug-ins. If the project starts, you will know that it is caused by a plug-in.

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I have the same problem

Hi everyone.

Indeed this could be down to one plug-in specifically. I see your unloading might be stuck around the Drums track. I would suggest you start from there and try to rule out which plug-in you need to disable so that the application finally closes your project properly. From then on we could move forward.

Thanks for your input!


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