Nuendo 13 is here! Its best features?

Agreed 100%. This should be improved/fixed. It’s an undesirable behavior in a market where similar tools do not need the extra handles/frames.

DaVinci Resolve already has a Voice Isolation Plug-in that works ridiculously well. I’m pretty sure Premiere Pro has a really good one, and Final Cut Pro has one that works pretty well.

People doing “lower projects like YouYube videos” aren’t going to pay $1K for Nuendo to isolate some dialog or remove noise from dialog. The NLEs on the market already solved that issue, for $299 in a couple of cases.

Others with perpetual purchase options, like Edius Pro, bundle plug-ins to do the same job.

The people who would invest in Nuendo tend to already have tools/plug-ins like iZotope RX (Standard+) or SpectraLayers Pro.

I do think a native option is good, though; particularly in a post-oriented DAW.

Well, I was talking more about my own workflow for those types of projects. I don’t expect youtubers or social media editors to buy Nuendo :joy: Just nice to have extra tools in the box.

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Although the most successful Youtubers can probably afford Nuendo… :wink:

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Preach it, but more importantly they can afford a team to do all that for them :joy: Which is good news for me :smile:


I have not moved to 13 will as I have few projects to finish thats still on 12, but I would certainly would like to have them natively for stability and speed. True Resolve today has the best AI Dialogue Isolator even better than RX

Goyo, Clear whatever it is called is a complete failure in Nuendo for me. It gave some fantastic results but crashed Nuendo, and mucked up event placement and all kinds of strange things. I sent several emails, bug reports but never heard back. I’ll wait a couple of years when they have actually finished it. Talking of poor software I had a huge problem with Spectralayers 10 in ARA. The projects I used it in became unusable and just crashed Nuendo in the end I simply had to uninstall it. Does anyone have an opinion on whether it is now safe to resume using it in N13? Apologies for going off topic a bit!!


ReWire has been discontinued for quite some time. The owner of this (Propellerhead) standard stopped the development and the support some years ago.

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I’ve never tried it. We mostly use RipX here or, for special projects, an online service (I can’t remember the name.)

The Native Plug-ins are just VST3 plug-ins, AFAICT.

It’s really, really good. Film a lot in noisy training facilities and it’s a big reason why I don’t even bother using FCP on my MBP. That, and the far superior Time Remapping for Video (Speed Warp).

Just throwing in my upgrade price (or 2 cents, whichever comes first).

Tonal Match is effing genius. Kick’s RX’s butt. It has just saved me hours of work on a project of inconsistent recording quality. It’s getting a real workout here, and is demonstrating superior brains AND brawn.

If I had any idea it was going to be this good… let’s just say I’d have paid the upgrade price for this plugin alone. Am very much looking forward to digging into the other stuff… but for now, just trying to get the job done, and Tonal Match has just made that a lot easier.

Thanks, SB.



I agree! Used Tonal Match on some ADR last week and it did a great job. Haven’t tested the ambience/reverb match side of it enough though.

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Nor have I; RX’s Ambience Match is sort of built into my workflow at the moment. But I’m gonna check it out. Tonal Match sure is impressive. If the other stuff meets that bar…oh, boy.


so to confirm the new Video engine has solved my issues with Video Playback with full screen on Nvidia RTX3080- nice to know this expensive GPU can be used well with the system finally.

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Try This;

Its free… I was shocked at how good it was.

I second this! Ultimate Vocal Remover. I use it for stem separation. But there are also models for dereverberation and de-echoing, which work very well. For stema separation it works better than a lot of commercial solutions.

“best features”?

I think I’d start with Tonal Match. Saves me from roundtripping to RX. Also better management of different characters to match. I also like that we have a denoiser built-in. It sometimes does exactly what I need it to. Baby steps getting away from RX…

Not an immediate benefit to me but I think the extended ADR functionality looks absolutely great. I can imagine that for people that do a lot of ADR it should be a really great improvement.

In general I think the GUI looks a bit cleaner and I think my only complaint is the intense colors on a couple of buttons along with some of that white text. Channel section to the left is actually very good, and although it seems they could have just improved the inspector it’s something I use. Another thing is the whole software seems just a bit snappier on my computer. Not sure why.

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If you want to extend those steps away from RX you owe it to yourself to get a full set of Acon plug-ins (buy Accoustica it’s worth it, and most plugins are included but not all) and buy spectra layers pro.

I can do things now that RX can’t touch. I almost have not used any RX tools apart from the de-clicker as it still shines if the clicks are aggressive. Nothing else really appeals to me.
I won’t be upgrading RX again.


I have Acon Acoustica plus a couple of other of their plugins and use some of them regularly.

Q: Any specific processes you recommend Erik?

Bonus: How do you integrate it into your workflow from a practical standpoint - as insert plugins or offline processes?..