NUENDO 13: "Locate Next/Previous Event" using different "Start Mode"

“Locate Next Event” and “Locate Previous Event” works fine, but “Play” does not start from Event position if other than “Start from Project Cursor Position” is selected as Transport > “Start Mode”.

Please make this work in a logic and consistent way:

If I choose Transport > “Start Mode”: “Start from Selection or Cycle Start”:
I want to Play from the Event where the cursor is located after selecting “Locate Next Event” or “Locate Previous Event”.

Hi Hansa,
this is actually working as intended. If you locate the event, the cursor position is set but it’s not automatically selecting the event. So consequently, you need to choose “Start from Project Cursor Position” to start transport there.

You could enable “Preferences->Editing->Auto Select Events Under Cursor”. With this option enabled, the locate next/prev event will select the event and tranport starts there with “Start from Selection or Cycle Start”.


Thanks for your kindly answer, Dirk :pray:

It seems that with Transport > “Start Mode”: “Start from Selection or Cycle Start”, I can achieve what I want using “Navigate Right/Left” (right and left keys) instead of “Locate Next/Prev Event”.