Nuendo 13 minimises and I cant get the window to maximise again

Did not happen on previous versions. Close all projects and sometimes Nuendo minimizes to the taskbar but there is no operation I can find to maximise the software again in order to access a menu to continue operation. I keep having to force quite the software and start it again.
I’m on Windows 11. Anyone else have this issue?

Will Nuendo maxemize if you use Alt Tab?

Yes, Alt-Tab.

Hi @mart

Sorry to hear about your issue. We would be very interested in hearing a deterministic way of reproducing this issue from you so that we can address it and fix it in a future version. Thank you very much.


Hi Armand

Just did it here now. I closed the project I was working on. I can recreate it each time. Closing the project…
That brings up the steinberg hub window.
If you click on the Window X close on the top right of that window it will close

Now I am left with Nuendo sitting in the taskbar.

If I click on it no hub or restorative action takes place. I am left with only the audio performance dialog. At this point I couldnt see an obvious way to proceed. I know windows shortcuts so I found I could control O for open a project - so the software is still running - but there is no graphical user entry point to open or start a project.

I have today though found that if I close the audio performance dialog at this point,
Now that triggers the Nuendo hub to again come up.

Alright so in fact you’re closing your projects AND you’re attempting to close the hub by clicking on X correct. And so you’re left with the audio performance dialog somewhere. This is a bit of unusual border case but this is working as expected I believe then, you’ve basically closed all the windows but the audio performance. The problem is that this dialog on its own has no menu and you cannot go from there. A workaround is to close the audio performance dialog, then the hub will automatically reappear and allow you to move on with Cubase.

What I’m not sure I understand is what your intention is when closing the hub then? Are you trying to minimize Nuendo? In this case you should use the _ button and not the X button. Or also Window/Minimize All instead.

This has only occasionally happened to me while changing projects. It must be a habit thing from usinc Nuendo 12 where the hub would come up and I might close it and open from the file menu - but now the file menu goes onto the hub window instead. I’m not too sure.

In my own thinking with this new layout if I close all projects and the hub window comes up and I close the X on that window 0 should that not be a program quit function?

I don’t think that’s how software works with standard Windows OS window management. If I have opened several windows of Edge (browser) and then close one window using X the others remain open. Edge as a program only closes once I close the last open window using X.

Same with something like a word processor software.

That’s how it usually works in Windows, no?

With Edge browser thats correct and any program design to spwan multiple main windows.

But most 1 main frame window applications like Nuendo where there is only 1 possible version of itself in the system (you dont have two independent instances of Nuendo open with a project open at once) then the X on the top right window on the main application window is a Quit command.

How it works under the hood I have no idea, I don’t program these things obviously. But the way it looks seems consistent. Both Edge and Nuendo fall under one item in Task Manager and on the task bar I can see windows again nested under the respective icons.

So it at least looks to me like it’s “the same” in principle.