Nuendo 13 - mixer section's routing, inserts aso

Just upgraded to N13 and wanted to change the routing of a track in the mixer section. Now all horizontal lanes such as EQ, inserts, routing aso disappeared - instead I only see a large empty space… Anything I miss here or is this a bug? Also choosing other workspaces of mine does not bring them back.


This is a known bug on Windows.

Please, use another MixConsole window.

This is going to be fixed in the 1st maintenance update.

Thanks Martin, worked out! Yet, I’m on OSX :wink:

There are workarounds available as well.

This is a bug related to settings transfer from old Nuendo projects to 13. If you configure the mix console accordingly in N 12 and transfer the project to 13, it could be possible to fix the issue. But it needs time and a bit of experimenting, so it’s no real long term solution.
The next old project can break it again.


Correct. Thank you for mentioning this.