Nuendo 13 Playback issue

Anyone else having problem when start or stop the playback ? it take 1,5 second to start or stop and so editing fast dialogues is really difficult!
(Im using a Mac m2 Max and the session is with all plugin insert bypass)
I migrated from Reaper one week ago and this issue is really killing me…

You should probably share all relevant settings. Normally it doesn’t take 1.5 seconds to start/stop playback. Something seems wrong.

Sometimes I think Reaper is doing this to get the people away from Nuendo.
Sorry, couldn’t resist.


I didnt change any settings i just downloaded so i didn’t change anything yet.
If someone can tell me which setting to see i post everything!

Tony, we don’t know anything about your setup, you have to give us something.

Computer specs; cpu type, memory type amount and speed, drives used, OS version…

DAW; Nuendo version, interface model, buffer size(s), ASIOguard on/off and settings (if on)…

Thanks for the help really i just can’t figure it out

My Mac is
Macbook pro M2 Max 32Gb - 12 core - 38 gpucore - Sonoma 14.1.2
Nuendo 13.0.20 build 148
Project is in my mac internal drive so no external harddrive and so on.
Asio guard i tried off and on (normal - disk preload 2 second )
adjust for record latency off

I tried To change audio sistem with 3 different Interfaces but nothing change :
1 apollo 8 Thunderbolt
2 Built in mac drivers
3 Io station 24c

The issue is just this playback is in late of 1 second and sometimes a bit more ! sorry to bother people but i never experienced it

I really switched to Reaper because of this and many other things. Now my workflow speeded up much. Sorry, couldn’t resist as well ) Still read Steinberg forum though

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Reaper is great i used for 5 years editing and i ‘‘max out’’ what i needed to do there for my job. After all i wanted to change daw… im sure if many studios use nuendo is becauase is really good! i just need to learn which are the weakest point at least to workaround

Ok. I don’t have your system or even OSX so there’s a limit to what I and other people on Windows can recommend.

Have you tried lowering the buffer significantly? Not just ASIOguard on/off but the actual buffer size. And have you tried with the project being stored on a different drive? For example just a plain old SSD over USB.

Have you tried with a project without any plugins instantiated at all? Not just bypassed, but completely empty…

I would highly recommend that you do get an external drive for storing the audio projects etc.

Have you checked if you’ve any plug-in in the control room?

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Sorry everyone for the late reply! im still tryin and working ! the only way the playback is better is when i create a complete empty project without anything ! but it’s almost a second even there! i tried everything i will just get use to it maybe i don’t die

Do you use something like Sonarworks, Rearoute or similar?

Nope maybe is just my template ! i tried to deactivate even sends and dosent change!

What have you done in your template?
Did you really check everything in control room?
Control room is independent of projects.
Is an instrument preloaded in the template?