Nuendo 13 project crashes on startup

I have been working on a project for a while, but recently encountered issues when trying to open it. I had to open it in safe mode, add the plugins one by one, and save it as a new session. However, the project crashes again when I try to reopen it, and I can’t determine which plugin is causing the problem.

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Nuendo should create crash dump files when this happens. Unfortunately I don’t know the correct location (and you didn’t mention if it is Windows or Mac), but the error message usually shows that.

Can you please take one or two of these dmp files and upload them here?

Thanks for the welcome.

Im on a Mac, It did mention it was from Arturia Efx REFRACT but even after I saved the project without that plugin, I keep getting the same error upon opening.

Nuendo 13-2024-05-24-135335.ips (76.4 KB)
Nuendo 13-2024-05-24-140205.ips (76.2 KB)

Ok, that is unfortunately the operating system I do not use, so I have no real idea what might cause the problem.

Maybe @Martin.Jirsak knows how to read the IPS dumps from Nuendo and what is the cause.


I can confirm, both crashes happened in the Efx REFRACT plug-in:

Thread 0 Crashed::  Dispatch queue:
0   Efx REFRACT                   	       0x17690fbb8 0x1765c8000 + 3439544
1   Efx REFRACT                   	       0x17690fba8 0x1765c8000 + 3439528

Thanks, Martin. I’m assuming the only way to use the plugin without it crashing again is to print the tracks in real-time instead of keeping it on the insert effects. If there’s another alternative, please let me know, as it’s quite frustrating to keep opening the project in safe mode.


Make sure, you have the latest update of the plug-in installed, please. Get in contact with the plug-in vendor.

You can also try to Freeze the track or Render in Place.