Nuendo 13 taking an inordinate amount of time to exit

I really appreciate the channel unload function, however even after the program isn’t showing on the display, it is still running in Task Manager but without all of the sub-processes and this takes a very long time to complete as of now.

The disk activity in this case is continuing so the application hasn’t crashed but it would be nice if this can be addressed in due course, as it is both a new and desirable feature.

I have found in relation to this, even if I allow time for the application to unload, I am still being asked to delete preferences on the next program load, even after I have already removed them myself before re-opening the application.


That means Cubase crashed (silently) during the previous quit. Could you please attach the crash/dump file?

Mac: macOS Console utility > Crash Reports (or ~user/Library/Logs/Diagnostic Reports).
Win: %userprofile%/Documents/Steinberg/Crash Dumps


The crash is in the:

Please, get in contact with the plug-in vendor.

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Hi Martin,

I have notified the developer, with a link to this post.

It seems that even after Nuendo has quit, notwithstanding turning off my audio interface, that the Steinberg MediaBay Server is still in the task list.


In addition, I have found that even after a re-installation of Nuendo, and preference removal, that the program is still asking whether or not to start with deleted preferences.


That means, Nuendo is still crashing (silently) while quit.

Could you please attach the *.ips/dmp file(s)?

Hi Martin,

I performed a refresh of Windows 10 (keeping pre-installed apps) and have found more success generally, using V12 but will be keen to see how V13 functions as time goes on and updates are provided.

I have notified the developer however so I will see how that goes.

I’d love to be using the latest version due to the accessibility of routing as well as new Key Editor functionality, but it will have to wait due to my using an underpowered machine.

I am still having to re-install the audio driver each day and program but that is not so difficult since SB have allowed the .msi file to be used on its’ own.

Thank you for following up.