Nuendo 13 Upgrade causes Project Corruption due to ARA [fix included in post]

Just installed N13 and the first project I opened wouldn’t save due to “Project Corrupt” message. Opened EVERY single backup associated with project. Same. Opened in N12 and N11. Same.

Solution… Right-click all audio and choose REMOVE EXTENSIONS, and project corruption message is gone.

The ARA extension being used was Spectral Layers. While updating to N13, I also installed an update to Spectral Layers that failed. Will try to correct that installation and see if it fixes…

Leaving note in case others encounter. Potential error from update to N13 and/or Spectral Layers can cause project corruption. FIX = Remove extension and resave.

Reinstalled Spectral Layers 10 and the corrupt project now saves fine.

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