Nuendo 2.x License?


Anybody knows if it´s still possible to buy a license for Nuendo 2?

I´ve got an old Apple PowerBook G4 in mint condition running OS X 10.4.11
I have the original Nuendo 2 installation disc.
I have an USB eLicenser.

Last version supported by this machine with it´s current OS would be N3, if i´m not mistaken.
I want to buy a license to activate my N2, and then probably buy an upgrade to N3.

I can´t create a support request form in My Steinberg. That option is not available for my country (Argentina).
I have contacted with the local distributor listed on My Support. They can´t help.

Would Steinberg sell me an activation code? I can´t find any email address to ask them.

Any help will be greatly appreciated!

No,you can’t buy a 2.x license.
That being said, with a “higher” license (assuming that you would buy Nuendo 6.x now), youc an run any lower version of Nuendo.

Best regards

Thanks Fredo. I didn´t knew i could use a newer version license to run previous releases. That certainly could be a way. But i´m not sure about buying a software that can´t even be installed on this computer…