Nuendo 3 Audio Mixdown Export Issues

I’m working on a 5.1 mix within Nuendo 3. I use this system frequently for many 5.1 projects and have never had this issue until now, but here’s what’s happening:

I export the project in 5.1, then re-import it to test and make sure it exported correctly. When I line up the new exported audio with the original audio, I find that during the export, Nuendo has shifted the new audio almost a full frame later in time. I opened past saves of this project and it’s doing the same thing for all the previous saves of the project. I opened OTHER projects, and they export fine. It seems to be just this one project.

Note: This project is much larger in scope than most of the other things I work on. I’m running 147 tracks and there’s quite a bit of plug in’s and processing going on. I have checked everything I know to check and I’m having no luck. Any thoughts?

I’d say a plugin that doesn’t report his latency correctly.


I have taken all of the plug in’s off. First I deactivated them and I still had the issue. So I removed all the plug in’s and still have the issue.