Nuendo 3 no longer recognizes license on the USB-elicenser

I am in the process of building a new machine (Win7 64, Nuendo 5.5+NEK all 64-bit) but need to keep my old workhorse running in parallel. The old machine is WinXP SP1 running N3.
My plan of not killing my old machine was working until I added the N5.5 + NEK license to the USB device. I used the latest eLicenser software to get the N5.5 and NEK5.5 bits in place.
Nuendo 3 and the old (version 5) Syncrosoft no longer recognize these licenses. Interestingly, N3 seemed fine with N5+NEK but after the 5.5 update it sees these as “unknown applications” on the device.
I tried to install the latest eLicenser app+drivers onto the old N3 machine but it needs .NET 2.0.
I did some searching on the forums and found suggestions about applying .NET3.5 sp1 (if I read them right) in the context of Cubase 6. Does that sound like the right approach here as well? If so, I assume I’ll have to update XP to SP3? Any experience here is deeply appreciated. A big OS update is really one of the last things I want to do to my old machine. I’m super concerned about an upgrade landslide if I start changing things on this old machine.
Any suggestions on the least invasive way to get N3 to recognize new licenses on the USB-eLicenser?
Thanks so much,

.net 3.5 sp 1 is probably required for the latest elicence to work. You can download it separately although I don’t know if it’ll work with XP sp 1 but definitely with XP sp 2 and higher. The .net download page will tell you what XP sp you need.

Thanks for the reply, Split.
I have so many plugins as well as my other apps (Sound Forge 8, CD Architect 5.2) and I’m wondering if I’ll create an application compatibility problem, etc., with a new .NET and new SP. Reading through the MSFT page at they don’t specifically mention the OS SP requirements but direct you to install the latest SP and also Windows Installer 3.1, so I see the upgrade vortex opening. I suspect I’ll also have to go through the firewire fix business since I use an RME FF800. Another concern I have is about memory footprint on some of my projects. Any increase in the OS footprint will probably break some of my projects that were on the hairy edge.
I may not have a choice but was really trying to avoid this until my new machine is pretty much up and running.
Thanks again,

Since the eLicenser installer said it needed .NET 2.0 or greater I decided to try .NET 2.0 SP2 first. It needed XP SP2, so I went ahead and bit the bullet there first. XP SP2 installed OK and after a couple of reboots .NET 2.0 installed OK, then the newest eLicenser installed fine and now recognizes N5.5 and NEK5.5. I seem to back up and running (with N3 on this old machine). So far playback via the RME FF800 is working but I’ve got the 1394 KB downloded and ready if I need it.
I’m seeing possibly less stability in loading and playing one of my larger projects but hopefully this will be sufficient until I get everything up and running on the new machine.
Thanks again,