Nuendo 4.3 Channel.Percentage of signal to send to an FX

In Nuendo 4.3 I’m looking for manage via automation the percentage of signal that pass through an affect (vst). How can I do this?

EXAMPLE: In the attachment file I want to manage the quantity of signal that pass through the effect “Q6 mono”

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If the plugin doesn’t have a built-in mix control that you can automate, you’ll probably just have to make a dedicated send effect channel and automate its level in “Q6 Mono”.


thank you Chewy,
my problem with send effect is that I’ve never really understand how to use it.

EXAMPLE: the result of the image attached is that signal of Audio24 is summed with the signal of “FX 1” (the send channel) to the stereo Out. I don’t want that the audio signal of the send channel being routed to the stereo Out, I would like that the send channel just modify the signal and resend it to Audio 24.

You can route both Audio24’s and the Send FX’s outputs to a a dedicated group, for example “Aud24FX”, which can in turn be output to wherever you want. It will give you what you’re asking for. Do your FX level adjustments through the Audio24 send, and treat the group as you would an audio channel with an insert.

Make sense?


Thank you Chewy,
It’s could be a way… but if I understood correctly, in this manner, when I need more effected signal I must to move two fader rather then one: lowering clean signal fader (Audio24) while increasing the channel effected (Send FX).
Is not comfortable, but better than nothing :slight_smile:

No, you’d (or, at least I’d :wink: ) adjust both the send level and the audio level from within the group channel. You’d likely keep the clean signal fader at unity and forget about it.