Nuendo 4 and Windows 7

I am planning on migrating my studio to Windows 7 in the next few weeks. I have N4 running happily on my XP Pro system now as well as N5 (not brave enough to use it yet).

I was going to upgrade to Win 7 to get all the benefits of 64 bit OS.

I know Nuendo 5 is ‘smart’ enough to see the OS system its installing on and installs the proper version.
Here is my question. Does N4 do the same? I dont recall seeing two N4 discs…one for 32 bit one for 64 bit. Are both version on the install disc of N4 or did they ship 2 different versions?

Can anyone help clear this up for me?

Why? When i go 64 bit, i still want to have N4 on my new system as i grrrrrrrrraaaaaaaadualllllllly move into N5.


Both the 32 bit and the 64 bit version of Nuendo 4 for Windows are on the same disc.

You are able to install 32 bit programs on Windows 7 64 bit as well.

This way you could install Nuendo 4 32 bit and use it just as you have been before,
and install Nuendo 5 64 bit (and/or 32 bit) to make use of the 64 bit capabilities and the new features.

This is good to know and i like the idea of running the stable version of N4 as 32 bit, as i have been told the N4 64 bit is a ‘beta’ version and not really supported. Now, if all my UAD, other plugs and VSTI’s with 64 bit drivers and N4 as 32, will that create much havoc?