Nuendo 4 GM Map Crash

I’ve come across this very weird crash on Nuendo IV, which has been disrupting my workflow lately and put in danger some of my projects: whenever I’m working on a midi drum track using the GM map (as opossed to the regular midi pianoroll) and I use the vertical ‘resizing’ bar to zoom into the waveform, the whole program crashes, displaying the well known ‘a serious problem has ocurred’ message. The npr files seem to become corrupted after this: most of the times opening them again crashes Nuendo instantly.

I reproduced the crash a couple of times and finally narrowed it down to zooming in/out vertically while using the GM map. The track can have no VST instrument associated, so it seems to be a graphic issue of some sort.

Has anyone faced this before / know of a possible solution? I’m afraid that, if it is a graphic issue, it may appear again unexpèctedtly when performing any other action.

I’m using an Intel i7, 4790K, 4GHz / 16GB Ram / Win 8.1 Pro, Nuendo 4.3.0 / a Scarlett 6i6 with MixControl 1.8.128, and a GeForce GT40.