Nuendo 4, Strange MIssing Files! HELP!

Hi guys,

I have a strange problem with my old Nuendo 4 -

  • When I import a stareo or multi channel files and check the options split the files and copy to working directory - all is working well, then save the project, but when I open the session again and the same files missing!

  • When I select an event, right click, plug-ins, then processing (offline processing), Nuendo asking me to create a new version of the file, check “create” - and all is working well, then save the project, and when I open the session again, the same files are missing!

In the both cases, when I locate the files one by one, Nunedno says, uncategorized or broken file. I can’t play or open the same files with other software too.

It looks that Nuendo can’t create and write the new files correctly. I’m using this version in last 7-8 years. The problem is new.

Uninstall and Install again, rebuilding the Nuendo Settings folder, Save Project in a new Folder, (Hard Drive too) - but NOTHING!

Now, I have a short deadline to complete my current project, but I can’t! Please, HELP!

Thanks in advance, guys!