Nuendo 4 to 6

My apologies if there already is an extensive thread on this subject…

I produced music via Nuendo from 2004-2009. Long story short, its been 5 years since I’ve touched Nuendo, let alone the notion of returning to music production. However I’ve recently decided to return to what I enjoyed most.

I’d like to get some input on Nuendo 4 vs 6. I’m running on windows 8.1 so I’m guessing Nuendo 4 isn’t an option? Is 6 similar or drastically different than 4? I understand that either way I’ll basically have to relearn the program as its been 5 years. Is Nuendo 6 my only option? Will the learning curve, if any, be too high? Is there a Nuendo 4 version for windows 8.1? The steinberg lists Nuendo 6.5 at $1700? How did the price inflate so drastically?

Thanks for the help. As you can tell from my questions, I’m quite eager and nervous to get back into the game.

You should be able to upgrade from v4 to v6.5 for less than a full license.

Thanks. The problem is I lost all the information.

My main concern is the transition from 4 to 6.

If you are doing only music, as opposed to post, you might just go with Cubase 8 Pro. But for a couple of features specific to Nuendo that I’ve become accustomed to, I would.

As far as all the information, all you need is your license dongle.


I just feel more comfortable with what I’m accustomed to. As for the license, I don’t have it. So if I’m upgrading then it costs $400 but if I’m buying entirely it will cost me $1700?

If you don’t have a license, you’ll have no other choice than to buy a full one.