Nuendo 5.1.1. loses Eucon layouts


it occured twice now that suddenly my Nuendo session loses the EuCon layouts, like being reset. I’m using a lot VSTis incl. Vienna Pro as a subhost for some instruments incl. a video track, so it’s a rather big session. If someone had a good advice on this issue, how to avoid this or bring the layouts back… I’d be grateful.

All in all I’m not pleased with the EuCon handling. Layouts with VSTi assignments change when I create additional VSTis. Does anyone has similar experiences?


I have seen some layout resets on Eucon Pro version (I use MC Pro) as well. It happened when Nuendo crashed for some reasons. Try opening the most recent backup of the project.

What do you mean by VSTi assignment change? Do the banks change when you add new channels? If yes, it never happened to me - the layouts stay solid when you add more VSTis - but again it is the “pro” version of Eucon. In my templates I have 48 instrument banks defined and they stay untouched during adding and deleting instruments.

The auto-backups were no help, unfortunately.

I’m going to post another topic for the assignment problem (please check it). I’d be interested if you can reproduce this error.

Thanks, M

PS: The problem starts with EuCons behaving like they were not locked to the application Nuendo, although the option is chosen in the EuCon interface.